ACID EFKT x Taipei Poetry Collective

On June 2 & 3 the Taipei Poetry Collective hosted poetry writing workshops at Grassroots Taipei. 

We offered workshops on Blackout/Erasure Poetry, Haikus, the Cinquain and the Ode.

Follow TPC on Facebook for further information regarding public workshops, our bi-weekly poetry workshops, and readings. 

Milk Fever Poems

I made the cover for Milk Fever, a gorgeous book of poetry by Megan Ross. Published by Nick Mulgrew over at Uhlanga Press, it's available on Amazon, and good bookstores near you. And now I have it, hard copy, in my hands all the way in Taiwan! Sooo exciting!


x as y

Sleeping as problem solving. 

Tweeting as problem solving. 

Eating as problem solving. 

Fucking as problem solving. 

x # y

Walking subverts structure.

Hyperlinks subvert structure. 

Dancing subverts structure. 

Megan Ross and Milk Fever Poems

I am beyond excited that Megan Ross asked me to design the front cover of her debut collection of poetry which explores unexpected motherhood and all its emotional detritus. It's a gorgeous collection: tender, raw, and honest. I loved reading and re-reading it. Go to Uhlanga Press to find out more and get her book here



Air so thick with imminent rain you could cut it, like slicing those slabs of brown sugar steamed sponge cake, wrapped in wax paper, sold from small blue vans parked on the side of the road.