Interview with Mali Wu

A few days before the end of the year, I sat down with Mali Wu, a socially engaged artist, who alongside Francesco Manancorda, co-curated the 2018 Taipei Biennial, titled Post Nature: A Museum as an Ecosystem. We spoke curatorial mechanisms, environmentally focused art, and her future plans.

42 participants from 19 countries were invited to participate. Many of these participants were non-traditional artists such as filmmakers, activists, researchers and other environmental groups.

Taipei Biennial 2018

Post-Nature: A Museum as an Ecosystem.

November 2018 - March 2019

Taipei Fine Art Museum

Tuesday to Sunday 9:30-17:30

Saturday 9:30-20:30

A group of school children walk up the steps to visit the 2018 Taipei Biennial. Photo: Leora Joy

A group of school children walk up the steps to visit the 2018 Taipei Biennial. Photo: Leora Joy

ACID EFKT x Taipei Poetry Collective

On June 2 & 3 the Taipei Poetry Collective hosted poetry writing workshops at Grassroots Taipei. 

We offered workshops on Blackout/Erasure Poetry, Haikus, the Cinquain and the Ode.

Follow TPC on Facebook for further information regarding public workshops, our bi-weekly poetry workshops, and readings. 

Milk Fever Poems

I made the cover for Milk Fever, a gorgeous book of poetry by Megan Ross. Published by Nick Mulgrew over at Uhlanga Press, it's available on Amazon, and good bookstores near you. And now I have it, hard copy, in my hands all the way in Taiwan! Sooo exciting!


x as y

Sleeping as problem solving. 

Tweeting as problem solving. 

Eating as problem solving. 

Fucking as problem solving. 

x # y

Walking subverts structure.

Hyperlinks subvert structure. 

Dancing subverts structure. 

Megan Ross and Milk Fever Poems

I am beyond excited that Megan Ross asked me to design the front cover of her debut collection of poetry which explores unexpected motherhood and all its emotional detritus. It's a gorgeous collection: tender, raw, and honest. I loved reading and re-reading it. Go to Uhlanga Press to find out more and get her book here