Curators' Intensive Taipei 2019

I am thrilled to have been accepted to participate in the 2019 Curators Intensive Taipei (CIT19)

On Saturday (05/18), the first of these six workshops took place at MoNTUE 北師美術館. Spanning a range of various contemporary curatorial issues across Asia, CIT19 is aimed at fostering emerging curators in Taiwan and expanding local professional networks.

The first session was led by independent artist and researcher Merv ESPINA (Philippines), and YAP Sau-Bin (artist and curator from Malaysia). Participants considered the various ways in which curators in Asia are tasked to work in and alongside institutions and museums, while still critically addressing the multiplicities of politics and dynamics in such a position.

Taking survey exhibitions like SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s — Now, (currently at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts) as an example, the CIT19 participants explored different transdisciplinary and transregional approaches to showcasing art from Asia.

Phoro:  CCSCA

Phoro: CCSCA

On the following Saturday (25/05), Freya CHOU (independant curator and writer, previously of Para Site, Hong Kong) and Alexander LAU (Empty Gallery, Hong Kong) discuss the personal bonds formed between the artist and the curator.

The next workshop (06/01) is run by TANG Fu-Kuen (the current curator of the Taipei Arts Festival under Taipei Performing Arts Center) and YUEN Chee-Wai ( a musician, artist, and designer based in Singapore).

The fourth session is led by HSU Fang-Tze (Taiwan/Singapore) and Vipash PURICHANONT (Thailand) and it explores the concept of ‘hauntology’ in exhibition-making as a conceptual manoeuvre.

當代策展的新挑戰 Curators’ Intensive Taipei 19

Organizers: 國藝會NCAF + 臺北市立美術館 Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Programming: 立方計畫空間thecube project space
Workshop co-programming: CCSCA

# Participants include the curators from 高雄市立美術館鳳甲美術館 Hong-gah Museum台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei臺北市立美術館 Taipei Fine Arts Museum空總臺灣當代文化實驗場 C-LAB,竹圍工作室 Bamboo Curtain Studio 

Photo:  CCSCA

Photo: CCSCA

'An Interview with Mali Wu' published in Yishu

‘An Interview with Mali Wu, Co-curator of 2018 Taipei Biennial’ was published in Yishu - Journal of Chinese Contemporary Art, Volume 18, Number 3, May/June 2019. You can subscribe online here, or if you’re in Taipei, they are available at XInyi Eslite.


Interview with Mali Wu

A few days before the end of the year, I sat down with Mali Wu, a socially engaged artist, who alongside Francesco Manancorda, co-curated the 2018 Taipei Biennial, titled Post Nature: A Museum as an Ecosystem. We spoke curatorial mechanisms, environmentally focused art, and her future plans.

42 participants from 19 countries were invited to participate. Many of these participants were non-traditional artists such as filmmakers, activists, researchers and other environmental groups.

Taipei Biennial 2018

Post-Nature: A Museum as an Ecosystem.

November 2018 - March 2019

Taipei Fine Art Museum

Tuesday to Sunday 9:30-17:30

Saturday 9:30-20:30

A group of school children walk up the steps to visit the 2018 Taipei Biennial. Photo: Leora Joy

A group of school children walk up the steps to visit the 2018 Taipei Biennial. Photo: Leora Joy

ACID EFKT x Taipei Poetry Collective

On June 2 & 3 the Taipei Poetry Collective hosted poetry writing workshops at Grassroots Taipei. 

We offered workshops on Blackout/Erasure Poetry, Haikus, the Cinquain and the Ode.

Follow TPC on Facebook for further information regarding public workshops, our bi-weekly poetry workshops, and readings. 

Milk Fever Poems

I made the cover for Milk Fever, a gorgeous book of poetry by Megan Ross. Published by Nick Mulgrew over at Uhlanga Press, it's available on Amazon, and good bookstores near you. And now I have it, hard copy, in my hands all the way in Taiwan! Sooo exciting!


x as y

Sleeping as problem solving. 

Tweeting as problem solving. 

Eating as problem solving. 

Fucking as problem solving. 

x # y

Walking subverts structure.

Hyperlinks subvert structure. 

Dancing subverts structure.